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A Little About Us at the Marketplace

As avid DIYers we have been frustrated by the endless searching for the correct materials, costs getting out of control and the never-ending hunt for the best instructions to start and complete our DIY projects. After years of putting in the hours and sweat and having completed projects that look as if they were done by a novice to the select few that look as if they were done by a professional … we happened upon the Do-It-Yourself Kit! Here we found that we could buy a Kit with high quality correct materials at a reasonable cost and it came with detailed instructions … and even a help line if we got stuck! Gone were the hours of searching, the cost overruns and the frustration. Yet, we did find one new area of frustration. Searching the internet for DIY Kits became a prolonged battle. Finding one company and then another and trying to compare them was a growing frustration. Why couldn’t we just go to one site that specialized in DIY Kits? We tried Amazon and others and got lost in the sheer size of these sites. All this proved to us that a site that would have a complete range of DIY Kits is what we needed. Thus The DIY Kit Marketplace was born!

We see DIY as a healthy way to escape from the stress of every-day life. DIYers tap into creativity many didn't even know they possessed. It is true, we feel more rewarded when we complete a project without hiring someone. We feel an even deeper sense of accomplishment when our friends comment about the project by saying “who did this for you”? This is where DIY Kits come in. All of us are not experts and don’t always know how to approach a project. We always welcome good instructions so we can do it ourselves. A DIY Kit has been perfected by people over years of doing. Kits offer the guidance and include the hard to find materials as part of the Kit, providing a professional looking outcome and, most of all, helping to make DIY fun again.

Most DIY Kit Producers are small business people with a passion for the Kit they are offering. They strive to produce the very best Kit while promoting their passion and fulfilling a need. Talking to these companies you will find people acutely aware of the DIY Experience and they wish to make your DIY Project and Experience fun and rewarding.

So there we are. The DIY Kit Marketplace doors are open. New Kit Producers are joining everyday. New Customers like you are find the full range of DIY Kits that are available. We are committed to make the DIY Kit Marketplace the most complete DIY Kit Marketplace. Hence the name! If You know of a Kit that you have found to be fun and rewarding drop us a contact us quick e-mail and we will get that Company to join us. Come back and browse as often as you like. We are constantly adding more and more Kit Producers you will not be disappointed

Cathy and Paul, 2019