Welcome to the Marketplace

Welcome to the DIY Kit Marketplace

Become a Charter Seller

  • No Listing Fee EVER!
  • No Subscription for One Year! (Monthly Subscription Fee of $14.50 starts January 2021)
  • Discount Commission: a 10% Discount Commission for One Year (Commission of 14% starts January 2021)
  • Low Transaction Fee of 60 cents per Transaction

In 2017 Internet Marketplace Sites did over 50% of all sales on the Internet.

General Marketplace Sites offer the Customer a wide range of products and categories to choose from. This has been found to be a blessing and a curse. It is too easy for the customer to get lost in the endless number of products and categories. Special Interest Marketplaces are taking the forefront of eCommerce bring together products that relate to one another through a special interest, activity or want. The DIY Kit Marketplace is a special interest Site that is bringing together companies that produce Do-It-Yourself Kits with Customers that enjoy Do-It-Yourself Projects.

Do it Yourself, built-it-Yourself, Assemble it Yourself whatever you call it DIY is not new. People have been DIYing since, well since forever, literally. However, like many other things, the internet has accelerated the phenomenon and facilitated endless DIY possibilities. The DIY world is exploding and according to Technavio is expected to be worth more than 13.9 billion by 2021. People are DIYing more than ever before, but industry leaders say we haven't even begun to scratch he surface

The DIY Kit Marketplace is bringing the DIY Kit to the forefront of DIY. Providing the Customer a single location to browse the literally thousands of DIY Kits over a full range of categories. Today a DIYer may want to build a Dog House, tomorrow a Boat, next week brew Beer!

The DIY Kit Marketplace allows the DIY Customer to dive deep into ALL the categories of DIY Kits and indulge him or herself in all that is available to them.


With most of the current Marketplaces if you don't fit into their list of Categories...tough luck! That is not the philosophy at the DIY Kit Marketplace. We have come up with 24 Categories with over 100 subcategories and we believe that we have only just got started. Categories will be added and modified as Sellers, like yourself, join the Marketplace. Thus, if you believe that your DIY Kit does not fit into a category that we have we want to hear from you. Together we will create a Marketplace that will be unparalleled in its' presentation to the DIY Customer!

Does Your Kit Require Financing?

Many of you have been kept out of Marketplaces for the simple reason that many of your Kit sales require some level of financing. The DIY Kit Marketplace is making use of the large number of on-line lenders and is currently reviewing the field for the perfect candidate to promote on the Marketplace. Res assured that we will have an aggressive lender on board before the Marketplace opens September 1. For those of you that have gotten around the financing problem by splitting your Kit up is affordable sub-Kits. The DIY Kit Marketplace will completely support this type of sale.

Sales Taxes - US and Canadian

Sales Taxes have become a dirty word in the past year. But, dirty or not it is something that we just have to maybe not live with but comply with. We can't help you with the sales tax problems you may have through your own personal website, but we can surely solve the problem on all your sales through the Marketplace. The DIY Kit Marketplace will collect and pay all applicable US and Canadian Sales Taxes on your sales through the Marketplace. We have registered with the Canadian Government and are currently being briefed on how to report on your shipment paperwork that all Canadian HST/GST/PST taxes are paid on drop shipments from your warehouse. As a positive note under the new agreement between the US and Canada the de minimis level for no duty and sales taxes has been increased to 150CAD.

Canadian Sellers

The slow implementation of US on-line sales taxes in the us is playing havoc with your US business. How is the "nexus" figured / Are Sales Taxes retroactive? / How in the world am I going to comply with 50 state and over 3000 county sales tax laws? Although the de minimis level for no duty is still at $800 in the new deal between the US and Canada there is some confusion whether this level will also be for no US on-line Sales Taxes. Rest assured that ALL your sales through the Marketplace will completely comply with ALL US on-line Sales tax rules. The DIY Kit Marketplace will collect, report, and pay all applicable US on-line Sales Taxes! You will be free to innovate and sell more Kits in the USA.

You Can Easily Join The Marketplace

The DIY Kit Marketplace Opens on January 1, 2020. We understand that sales will come slowly at first as word spreads about this unique Marketplace. We will be promoting the Marketplace with the hundreds of the DIY Blogs on the Internet where stories about the Marketplace will appear along with the Marketplace Ad. Video and static Ads will also be appearing on Google, Bing Search, Facebook and You Tube!

Understanding this, we would like to offer each of you that sign-up between now and January 1, 2020 the ability to join as a Charter Seller. As a Charter Seller you will enjoy many benefits of joining the Marketplace early. First there will never be any listing fees for your products. Second, you will NOT be charged any monthly subscription fee for 12 months. After the first year, the monthly subscription fee will be $14.50USD per month starting January 1, 2021. Check out all the benefits listed below.

The Charter Seller PlanCharter01.gif?1558908591819

Apply to the DIY Kit Marketplace from Now till January 1, 2020 and you will be joining as a Charter Seller.

Plan Features:

    • No monthly subscription fee for 12 months. After than a low subscription fee of $14.50 per month.
    • NO Listing Fees - EVER!
    • Discount Commission rate of 10% for one year. After that the commission rate is only 14%
    • As a Charter Seller each of your product listings can display the "Charter Seller" logo.
    • As a Charter Seller Your Logo will appear on the Marketplace Home Page on a rotating basis.
    • Marketplace transaction fee of 60 cent per transaction fee.
    • As a Charter Seller you will be asked to submit Featured and Sale Products to appear on the Marketplace Home Page on a rotating basis.
    • As a Charter Seller along with your Product Listings you get your own Micro Storefront at no cost.
    • All US Internet State Sales Taxes will be charged, collected and paid by the DIY Kit Marketplace.
    • All Canadian PST, GST and HST Sale Taxes will be charged, collected and paid by the DIY Kit Marketplace Border Crossing shipping paperwork is the responsibility of the Seller. (Check out the Shipping to Canada Page)

The Charter Seller PLUS Plan

Apply to the DIY Kit Marketplace from Now till January 1, 2020 and you will be joining as a Charter Seller.

If you are like many businesses today you are long on business and short on time. Thus, the DIY Kit Marketplace would like to extend You all the benefits of the Charter Seller Plan...PLUS for a one time charge of $79.00 the professionals at the DIY Kit Marketplace will set up your Product Listings and Micro Store. Our professionals will work off the information on your current company website and the information and material supplied by you!

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Examples of the Planned Customer Advertising

It will take aggressive advertising and word of mouth to bring customer to the DIY Kit Marketplace. Advertising is already planned for Google, Bing, Facebook, You Tube, Pintrest and others. Most importantly, advertising is planned for the thousands of DIY Blogs throughout the United States and Canada. We are already in contact with these Blog Authors and we have found an reassuring excitement from all of them. We are getting statements like " Its high time somebody did this" ... "why didn't someone think of this before now?" and "I am in complete support of what you are doing, DIY needs this kind of boost!". We realize that sales will come slowly at first. But rest assured that the Marketplace will be driving as many customers it can to view your Products! We are in this together!


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